Coworkshop is a leading provider of DLP – Data Loss Prevention solutions in Asia Pacific region. Coworkshop’s DLP solutions (i.e. Curtain e-locker) enable organizations to prevent information from unauthorized retrieval, use and transmission.

Our Products

Curtain e-locker – a DLP – Data Loss Prevention solution, which effectively prevents unauthorized leakage/usage of protected confidential information by any outgoing channels. By using Curtain e-locker, companies can allow authorized users to gain access to confidential files and information. At the same time, the company can also control NOT to allow the users to take the files/information out of the company at their own discretion, like during normal course of daily operations.


Curtain MonGuard allows administrators to display watermark on screen in user’s computers. Since this screen watermark can show user information (e.g. computer name, username and IP address), it effectively gets user’s attention before they capture screen and share the information with other people.