Secure Remote Access is in our DNA

Our expertise in security is confirmed by years of experience, hundreds of satisfied customers and a global distribution channel.

Our mission is to design the friendliest and most reliable solutions to arm organizations against the abuse of privileges.

Our products allow you to monitor the activity of users with access to critical assets, help you manage the password policy and alert you in case of any suspicious behavior.

Our Products


With the current changes adopted by the global pandemic, we see a shift in remote access and security, where 82% of company leaders begin to adopt remote work. However, in correlation to the remote work shift, there has been a 90% increase in a security risk for web application breaches abusing user credentials and a 25% increase in phishing attacks from 2020. Fudo Enterprise system works as an intermediary layer between users and the internal network infrastructure. A PAM solution, along with zero trust, adds an additional security layer, helping to protect and secure the internal infrastructure that you could have otherwise overlooked.