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Since 1995, we help our customers reduce risk, reduce cost and most importantly deliver flexible, functional solutions.

IT Security

Business is increasingly conducted over the internet nowadays. However, the very premise of internet, connecting everybody and everything without prejudice, may become a source of risk for its users; a sort of caveat emptor. Drive-by browser hijacks, viruses, worms and malware lurk across the internet as unlawful parties too, are connected to the internet. Businesses will have to take steps to defend themselves against such threats to their Businesses.

Han Technology has been working with our partners in this respect to help its customers minimize security risks for their businesses, with solutions that span from protecting end-user desktops to secure file servers to cloud.


Businesses as ongoing concerns will expand, be it in the scope and/or in staff. Furthermore, legal requirements and the growing awareness of them mean that more businesses want to keep records. These facts undeniably result in data proliferation- the amounts of data that we keep in out hard drives grow inexorably.

Han Technology is fully aware of the issues concerning choosing and implementing a sensible, economical storage and archival system. After testing many solutions, we have found solutions that are inexpensive, simple to use and implement, and yet deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Email and Messaging

Electronic Messaging is already ubiquitous among businesses, there’s hardly any business that cannot be contacted by email nowadays. However, the volume of unsolicited messages have also grown, so much so that it already make up bulk of the email traffic today.

The problem nowadays is not so much how to setup a email system but how to  keep unwanted mails out, and how to archive wanted mails – the latter issue a result of an increasing number of data retention legislations, as well as the growing awareness of the benefits of keeping contractual or other emails for future reference.

Backup & Recovery

When system failure occurs it could happen at most inconvenient moment. Having regular and complete backup of a system greatly reduces the pain of data loss and the inconvenience and cost of prolong system downtime.

Han Technology offers a family of backup and recovery solutions that focus on the simplicity and completeness of the backup and recovery process, in order to enable anyone to able to recover from various system failures, from software corruptions to hardware failures.

Cloud Collaboration

Access to all your files at all times. Having easy access to the documents you need is essential for agile business. With the secure cloud from our partner your files are everywhere, but not all over the place. You can work on documents wherever you go, access the information you need, everyone in your team has the latest versions of every file and can contribute to common projects.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention system is a must in enhancing company data security. It is an increasingly important part of business security – and without it your valuable data could be walking out through your everywhere. With the frequent flow of information between your organization and your employees, not to mention the information sharing between your organizations and customers, it’s important that your data remains secure.

With data loss prevention solutions, you can protect your sensitive information and make sure that your entire network stays secure.

Secure File Transfer

Turn File Transfer into an IT Asset. Managed file transfer technology is the answer to today’s toughest file transfer problems. More files. Bigger files. Internet Travel. Stringent regulations. Dwindling budgets. With the managed file transfer solutions from Attachmate, you can overcome all these obstacles.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On is the ability to log into an application (SaaS or native mobile application) every time using one single/federated identity. This identity can either be your Social Identity i.e., Facebook/Twitter/Google or Enterprise Identity (often Active Directory ID). With this approach, end users are relieved of having to remember complex password for each app, or worse, use easily-remembered weak or common passwords. It also increases both user productivity and corporate application security.

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